My journey into yoga began when I was a bub!

My mother brought me to classes in a bassinet at the encouragement of her teacher, who taught from her home in the Adelaide Hills (South Australia). This was how women were so beautifully supported to practice yoga in those days. Come to class – babe and all!

Apparently, I became a keen observer from the sidelines. Perhaps it was with that 'knowing' children have when they sense something of value.

As a child, she taught me the deep relaxation practice (of Yoga Nidra) to help me with sleeping and school-age stress, and later the cleansing practice (of Lagoo) for relief from tummy ailments.

Both my brother and I pursued yoga philosophy in depth, and became yoga and meditation teachers.

These pursuits included initial studies of Yoga Philosophy and Oriental Occultism (Yogi Ramacharaka); teachings from the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (Raja Yoga); a 12 year journey with Siddha Yoga ; and Accredited teacher training with the Satyananda Yoga Academy.

My 'wordly' career began with Nursing and evolved through the advertising industry working on health and medical accounts,including a long working relationship of 20 years with Hopewood Health Centre. All the while I maintained an on-going connection to yoga and eventually created a full time lifestyle practicing and teaching yoga.

For the past 18 years I have lived and taught in Avalon, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Having previously lived in Bali I also return frequently to conduct Yoga, Ayurveda & Women's retreats there.

My journey in life has taught me to live life consciously.

We don't always get it 'right'. But when we fall, we can apply the 'technology' of Yoga and Ayurveda to pick ourselves up again and move forward in positive and productive ways.


Atma at Bihar ashram

Atma at Bihar ashram


Atma at Bihar ashram

Me - ATMA – celebrating the marriage of Rama and Sita (Sita Kalyanam) in Rikhia, India



Swami Niranjin with Jai Manfield

Swami Niranjan with my son Jai, 2006