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Lani (Atma) Saraswati


(The divine in me greets the divine in you!)
Contact: +61 408 860 852

Northern Beaches Yoga Schedule



Avalon Recreation Centre

Wednesdays 10am to 11.30am

A restorative mid-week top-up! Over 50's friendly.

  • $200 for 10 class pass
  • 6 class pass $120
  • 4 class pass $80
  • Casual attendance $22




Enjoy a private class in your home.

Via Skype

Individual attention or small group of close friends & family of your choice. Delivered into your loungeroom via Skype.

  • Class cost: $80 (1 - 4 persons)


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Who is Lani Saraswati?

Lani Saraswati has a background in nursing and is a Senior Accredited Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia, having taught yoga for 22 years as a therapeutic tool in health management.

She owned her own day spa - "Body Language" - on Sydney's prestigious lower North Shore, and boasts a long working relationship of 20 years with Hopewood Health Centre - Australia's first and foremost Health Retreat. Hopewood Health Retreat has been dedicated to the principles of the Natural Health Society since it’s inception in the 1960’s and has specialised in naturopathic detox programmes. Lani designed and facilitated several new programmes for Hopewood, conducting workshops and lectures on topical subjects from "Mind Your Stress" to "Creating Positive Change" and "Natural Nutrition”. Lani has interacted with thousands of people during the course of her career, and has empathy and understanding for her clients many needs during a retreat programme.

Having lived in Bali for extended periods, Lani is inspired to offer her sound experience in the wellness-retreat industry combined with her intimate knowledge and love for Bali - particularly Ubud.


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"We are constantly producing frequencies in our environment through our speech, thought patterns, feelings and emotional expressions, and mantra helps us to achieve a point of balance in the frequencies we are emitting." (Swami Niranjin)

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